Clinical Research

The benefits for patients

β€œIn ophthalmology, clinical research is the interface between blindness and cure.”

Internationally, A/Prof Heriot is known as a clinician scientist who has been engaged in developing new insights about retinal diseases, developing new treatments, participation in clinical trials and other research for decades.

His ongoing participation in medical research allows him to bring the latest science to the clinical care of his patients – drawing on academic research and global knowledge.

Retinology Institute has a specifically designed clinical office with international certified examination equipment, secure confidential file storage and a monitored drug fridge to ensure RI patients can participate in the evaluation of promising new drugs such as the next generation drugs for macular degeneration, diabetes and retinal vein occlusion.

Participation in such trials offers hope for patients who cannot be helped by current treatments. Blending current techniques and technologies with access to treatments of the future offers the best care to our valued patient