State of the art equipment

Our examination and treatment rooms were designed by A/Prof Heriot after decades of experience around the world. The unique setup encourages face-to-face communication between doctor and patient. The large-wall mounted computer monitor provides clear visualisation of the test results and education material to help patients better understand their disease and treatment.

Specialised diagnostic equipment includes the MAIA macula microperimetry to quantify the severity of macular degeneration and, in particular, better defines the cause of reading problems to guide better reading patterns for some AMD patients.

The practice also features a specially developed powerful laser which facilitates retino-choroidal bypass formation to better treat some forms of retinal vein occlusions, a 3ns 532nm laser which provides a gentler treatment of selected macular diseases, and a unique YAG laser for office-based treatment of “floaters” (laser vitreolysis) which is very effective in selected patients with this condition.