Laser Treatment for Retinal Tears

Your eye should be comfortable after the laser treatment. The vision may be slightly blurred but this should settle within a matter of hours. You may continue to see some bright spots in front of your vision. There may be an irritation on the cornea from the drops and the contact lens used during the laser, and the eye may water as if there is a foreign body under the eye lid. If that occurs, cover the eye with a patch to keep the eye lid firmly closed (for 12 hours or so) and take Panadol. Alternatively call the office for advice.
This does not cause any permanent problems.

Please note that the laser treatment for retinal tears does not have any effect on the floating spots and debris inside the eye. The laser treatment is to prevent retinal detachment and has no impact on the floating spots. Also, it is very common to have a persistence of glowing or flashing lights until everything settles down. If there is a major change in the floating spots and you suddenly see a new large crop of spots or a big change in the flashing lights, do not hesitate to call. Most importantly, if you see a big permanent shadow in the vision suggestive of retinal detachment you should be examined.

You will require 1 or 2 post laser visits to be sure that no new tears are developing and that the laser treatment has adequately stabilized the retinal tear.