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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

If you suspect you may have the Coronavirus Disease (COVID -19) or have any of the below symptoms, please call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398 or call the clinic on 03 8823 9000 prior to making an appointment or attending the clinic.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

What is COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which can cause illness in animals or humans. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new virus that can cause an infection in people, including a severe respiratory illness.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The most common symptoms reported include:

  • fever

  • breathing difficulties such as breathlessness

  • cough

  • sore throat

  • fatigue or tiredness

Most people who contract COVID–19 will suffer only mild symptoms.

Elderly people and people with pre-existing medical conditions are more at risk of experiencing severe symptoms.

Who is most at risk?

You are at most risk if you have:

  • been travelling overseas in the past 14 days

  • had close contact with a person who has COVID-19

You may also be at risk if you:

  • are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions

  • feel unwell, for example, a fever or shortness of breath; a cough or respiratory illness

  • are a healthcare or residential aged care worker and have travelled to a high-risk country (Department of Health)

What to do if you may have come into contact with COVID-19?

If you have travelled overseas in the past 14 days, or have come into close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, you should:

What to do if you have come into contact with COVID-19 and begin to feel unwell?

  • if you have serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, call 000 – ask for an ambulance and tell the operator your recent travel history

  • if you develop a fever or shortness of breath; a cough or respiratory illness during your period of isolation (self-isolate) call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398 to get advice on what to do and where to go for medical attention.

How can you protect yourself?

  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and running water

  • use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser

  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze

  • minimise physical contact with others where possible (shaking hands is optional)

  • wear a P2 or N95 respirator mask only if you suspect you have COVID-19

  • for healthy people, only wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected COVID-19

  • stay at home if you feel unwell (self-isolate)

  • seek medical attention if you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing (call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398 to get advice on what to do and where to go for medical attention)

For the latest information on COVID-19 in Victoria, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.

If you have general questions about coronavirus, call the information hotline on 1800 020 080.

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